Start accepting crypto payments today!

  • Payments can be processed faster, more securely, and with fewer fees per transaction
  • Receive movey transfers to your bank account if you don't know how to manage crypto
  • Make your customers' shopping experience better by letting them make crypto donations

Why should your business integrate with us?

There are numerous benefits to accepting crypto payments as an e-business model.
  • Lower transaction fees

    For a cryptocurrency transaction, the fee is typically about 0%, as compared to credit card or debit card fees which are typically 2-3%.

  • Scale up your market presence

    When you provide a means for customers to pay with crypto, you’ll gain a competitive advantage & expand your customer base over time.

  • Easy integration into your website

    No matter what CMS or e-commerce platform you use for your business, we have already built a custom plugin that can be added to your website in a few clicks.

  • Mobile-friendly

    You can create a seamless checkout experience on your own application using our SDK for iOS & Android.

  • Fraud protection or no KYC

    Customers do not have to provide sensitive payment information, unlike when they use a credit or debit cards.

  • No chargebacks

    By using a crypto payment processing gateway, you prevent chargeback fraud, protect merchants, & maintain your business's reputation.

Make your business crypto-compatible to reduce operating costs & offer your customers the best value

Start accepting crypto

How it works

  • Customer selects currency to pay with
  • Defiway processes the transfer with the least fee possible
  • You receive your earnings
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Whom we deliver

Gaming industry

Gaming companies should offer crypto-based payment methods to their players. It will also make it easier for game publishers to set up in-game cryptocurrency transactions, which will improve the quality of future games.

E-commerce business

Set up our payment processing gateway seamlessly on the most popular e-commerce platforms or CMS's, such as Adobe Commerce, Shopify, WordPress, etc. Merchants can accept payments with any cryptocurrency of their customers' choice, safely and instantly, thanks to our integration with a special extension.

Payment service providers

Take advantage of a modern payment method to get more crypto transactions from more customers. You can offer your customers a variety of cryptocurrency payment methods that are compatible with every business model: invoices, payment links, recurring payments, and channels.

For influencers, bloggers,
and streamers

Let your visitors and subscribers make donations with crypto, and grow with your audience.

Online brokers and
trading platforms

Make your clients able to trade and deposit funds in different cryptocurrencies. With our DeFi product, you can manage all your crypto assets in one place by providing secure custody, an advanced trading platform, and prime services.


There are many obstacles in the way of using fiat money to operate a gambling business. Thanks to our crypto payment processing product, we can help you overcome these issues by ensuring the ability to accept cryptocurrency payments.

Accept cryptocurrency donations everywhere

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  • Supported crypto wallets 5+
  • Merchant orders 1 665 465
  • Transactions made 1 784 541

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